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Monday, August 31, 2009

Taylor Swift Awed by MSG Crowd

When Taylor Swift performed at Madison Square Garden, she expected the screaming teens, her signature heart hand-sign, and an uber large crowd…but our emotions take us all by surprise at times.

After performing “McGraw” the loving reception Swift received was multiplied and she could not believe her eyes—or her ears. Swift actually stood for two whole minutes in absolute shock (they caught this on tape) holding back tears and covering her face in disbelief. The young, beautiful, talented songstress was hit with the absolute amazement of what she has become. A superstar.

According to Rolling Stone, when Swift finally spoke she shakily held back tears while admitting, “As long as I live…I will never forget what you just did for me.”

Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists to date. I don’t love country, and I’m not all about really young singers blowing up in the limelight (uhem The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, etc.). But Swift maintains a humble quality that makes me just want to squeeze her out of pure happiness. Oh, and her voice is the purest of honey even when she is dishing heartfelt lyrics about relationships gone wrong. View this clip and tell me you don’t want to do the same.

-Marie Baginski
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