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Monday, August 24, 2009

Death On Two Wheels


I hope you didn’t miss the jam orgy that went down this past Saturday at Tasty World. Death On Two Wheels had more than just instruments and catchy indie rock tunes; they brought energy to fuel the crowd. I’m not being cliché…the vibes that were coming from these guys were mental. The show was complete with dueling guitar jams, pitch perfect harmonies, and even a few jumps on the bass drum by a barefoot band mate. Though their instrumentals prove jam-worthy, their vocals are not lost and their lyrics have substance.

Hailing from the south, this Atlanta-based band seems to get their influence from 70s rock n’ roll while still incorporating their roots in southern rock into a distinctive blend. Though it can be said that DO2W has similar qualities to bands such as Kings of Leon or Cage the Elephant, their unique lead vocalist, Trae Vedder, adds an edge of goth-grunge-raspy voice sexiness to their overall sound that differentiates them from other bands in their genre.

Stage presence can make or break a band. These guys have it down. Ending the show with an impromptu encore made the masses wild and constituted a good end to a good show.

Trae Vedder - lead vocals, guitar
Paul Doss - lead guitar
David Fountain - bass, vocals
Andrew Knox - organ, vocals
Greg Neel - drums, vocals
Official Website:

-Marie Baginski
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