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Friday, August 28, 2009

Jeeeesus, Madonna, Stop Whoring Out Your Loved Ones

Madonna’s new video “Celebration” has just about everyone in her immediate family including her model boyfriend, Jesus Luz, dancing to the beat. Literally. Daughter, Lourdes, and boy-toy, Jesus, are making their musical debut and getting their 15 seconds of face time in Madonna’s newest video. It makes sense, considering with Madonna’s current skeleton arms and aging neck, she might not be around much longer. How old is she, anyway?

I love Madonna, I do. But it just really isn’t cool anymore—if it ever was—to have your family members and boyfriend in your music videos. Check out Jesus’ desperate attempt to spin the tables in this preview clip of “Celebration.”

A word of advice for Madonna: don’t turn into the Osmonds.

-Marie Baginski
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