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Monday, August 31, 2009

Beck: From Covers to Charlotte Gainsbourg


This may come as old news to dedicated Beck fans, but for those of us who don’t check the singer’s website on a regular basis may be unaware that the eclectic singer-songwriter has covered and recorded the entire Velvet Underground and Nico album which the website calls the Record Club.

The next album set to be covered is Skip Spence’s Oar.

On top of the Record Club section of Beck’s official site, there is also Irrelevant Topics where he speaks to celebrities such as Will Ferrell and Tom Waits.

You can check out the covers, which come with videos as well, on Beck’s official website by clicking here.

On another Beck note, it has been reported that French vocalist and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg worked extensively with Beck on her new album IRM. Beck not only produced the album but also co-wrote several of the tracks and composed most of the music himself.

Unfortunately, IRM will not be released in the US until sometime in January. But if you plan on heading to Europe in late Fall, then be sure to pick this album up which drops overseas on November 30.

- Jessica Cole

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