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Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh There You Are, Kris Allen

American Idol winner, Kris Allen, has posted an official release date for his first album via Twitter. Now available for preorder, the date when Allen’s album hits stores is set for November 17th. All the hype since the culmination of Idol has been about the openly gay, glitter-wearing finalist, Adam Lambert. But now it’s Allen’s time to shine.

Not only was his performance on Idol exceptional, Allen has collaborated with some real industry talent for his first time around. According to, he has recorded with The Fray’s Joe King; worked with songwriters for Akon, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Kelly Clarkson, and Daughtry; and held writing sessions with Toby Gad.

Not to name drop, but from this list I’m expecting good things for this album. I can’t wait to see what Allen has in store for his millions of fans.

Don’t forget to grab a copy on November 17th. Or preorder a copy now at

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “Is This It" by Kate Walsh

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