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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kings of Leon Get Remixed


The Kings of Leon seem to be everywhere these days, and with their latest album, Only by the Night, going platinum in the US and six times platinum in the UK, the Tennessee boys are embarking on their next musical venture: A remix album.

Though, the idea for the album wasn’t initially thought up by the Followill brothers, rather, the band found out that N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams as well as Justin Timberlake had already begun remixing their songs.

"It's neat to have these people who we would've jumped at the chance to work with ourselves...coming to us before we even get a chance to ask them," Nathan Followill told Billboard. "It's amazing to hear your song played by these people who are so creative. Most of the time it takes me two or three listens to even wrap my head around, 'Oh man, that's our song...'”

Along with Williams and Timberlake, artists and creative minds such as Mark Ronson, Kenna, Lykke Li and Linkin Park are also taking part in the remixing process.

In other KOL news, the boys are prepping a DVD release that will feature one of their shows at London’s O2 Arena earlier this summer.

"England is really the first place we broke...We figured what better place to make a live DVD than where the fans have been the craziest for the longest?" explained the Kings drummer.

As for a new album with brand new songs, KOL already have about 10 new songs they have been “kicking around.”

"The new stuff is all over the place. I call it 'Aha Shake...' but by guys that are a little grown-up and a little better at their instruments.” Nathan said. “There's stuff that sounds like Radiohead. There's stuff that sounds like Thin Lizzy. There's stuff that sounds like The Band. We're pretty much to the point now where...we can be experimental and try stuff we would've been scared to death to try on the first couple of records. Now we find ourselves being a little more adventurous."

Currently, there have been no announcements confirming the release dates of the remix album, DVD or new album, but stay tuned. . . .

- Jessica Cole

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