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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artist of the day: Dr. Dog


A psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, Dr. Dog has been around for a while now (since 1999). They haven’t put out a new album since Fate in 2008, but there is still something about their sound that has kept me listening. They sound like they could have been formed in the 1960’s right alongside bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys. I realize “Beatles-esque” is hardly a novel term to describe bands (especially this one), but it’s hard not to go there after listening to a couple of Dr. Dog’s songs. The harmonies and simple guitar melodies combined with the drums and occasional passionate screams make Dr. Dog seem like they got in the game about 40 years too late. Still, there is a reason those bands of the 1960’s are still being listened to today. Dr. Dog’s sound, while not revolutionary, works for them. Their albums, especially Fate, are easy listens, a great soundtrack to a summer BBQ or a front porch chat with an old friend. Although, it is in the live show that Dr. Dog truly excels. Live, the band proves they know what they’re doing and that they can have a good time while doing it. They played to a sold out show at Tasty World last spring and made a fan out of more than one person in the audience. I would like to see them come back to Athens sometime soon and I would love to see them come back with some new stuff.

Who's Who: Toby Leaman (bass, vocals), Scott McMicken (lead guitar, vocals), Frank McElroy (rhythm guitar), Zack Miller (keyboard), Justin Stens (drums)
Formed: 1999 in Philadelphia
Label: Park The Van
Latest Release: Fate (2008)
On the web:

-Laurie Moot
Currently listening to "The Breeze" by Dr. Dog

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