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Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Rock n' Roll to Country: The Dangers of the Music Biz


Concertgoers fear violent mosh pits and broken beer bottles but who knew that the musicians themselves would have more worries than an over-zealous fan. When rocker Bret Michaels was injured this past June at the Tony Awards by a falling piece of his stage nobody could have predicted just how dangerous entertaining the masses had become. Micheals’ fame had dissipated almost completely after “Rock of Love 9ish” so the media just asked him to stop complaining and moved on with their lives.

But when the queen of all things music, our Lady Madonna, had a near collision with her stage in Marseille, France people actually started to care. And by a near collision, I mean that Madonna was completely untouched by the malfunctioning set, but her tour gang and a few stage crew were not so lucky. In fact, there were two deaths as a product of the faulty stage. This incident got much more hype because, honestly, Bret Michaels is about as famous as Madonna's bus driver.

We thought after the possible threat to Madonna, stage crews around the world would be making sure their set wouldn’t be next. However, a team in Canada wasn’t prepared for the strong storm that would unleash the stage on the unsuspecting country crooner, Billy Currington. Though he was only injured, the set collapse resulted in a death and 40 other injuries.

Could this stream of stage failures persist, its is possible that people will start coining the phrase “you’re more likely to be hit by a falling stage than to…”

-Marie Baginski
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