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Monday, October 5, 2009

Method Man arrested, facing tax evasion charges


Method Man may be heading to the slammer.  The rapper was arrested today and is now facing felony and misdemeanor charges for failing to file and pay his taxes.

The 38-year-old is an actor, grammy winner and former member of the Wu Tang Clan.  And now he's an alleged tax evader. Somewhere down the line Method Man neglected to pay some of his taxes. To be exact, according to New York authorities, he owes up to $33,000 in personal taxes. Oops. 

If convicted of the felony charge, MM could face up to four years in prison.  He was arrested from his house in Staten Island, N.Y., and must appear at a criminal arraignment there on Monday, Oct. 12. He's no novice to the justice system; back in 2007 MM was arrested and charged with marijuana possession charges.

-Kristen Callihan
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