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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show Pick Of The Day: Jimmy Kind Bud

Do you want your night tonight to look like the scene above? If your answer is yes, then Jimmy Kind Bud is where it's at.

Scenesters, christopher liver, sara(h) t, and katieR of Jimmy Kind Bud have left their jorts (jean shorts) and PBR behind for a few and plan on gracing Athens with their confusion of sweaty sets and bare-chested—sorry guys only Liver takes his shirt off—bodies in a culmination of “what just happened?”

The problem with JKB is, they are new and it’s extremely hard to find information on them. What we do know is who makes up the band, see above, and that Liver is a UGA graduate. JKB’s sound is new…reasonably so seeing that since 2006, Liver has been a solo act, a drummer-singer duo, and now fits as a triangle point in JKB.

According to an old interview with Red and Black, Liver—formerly known as Christopher Ingham—finds solace in his name as his way to cope with his troubles. Liver says, "Some people take up alcohol and other forms of substance abuse. I've taken up music as a form of music therapy." Wish there was more to divulge on their sound, but JKB is guaranteed to put on a good show.

So if you need some musical therapy you should head over to Little Kings Shuffle Club tonight @ 10. Little Kings is, as always, 21 and up. Daffodil, the trio made up of Derek Wiggs, Zack Kennedy and Max Talkovich, will appear tonight as well—they rock an early-90s vibe.

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “Northern Lights” by Bowerbirds

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