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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Public Enemy wants fans to fund new album


Legendary rap group Public Enemy made a name for itself in the '80s with its controversial political lyrics and the over-the-top persona of Flava Flav (the man we later came to know and love on his VH1 love-seeking reality trainwreck "Flavor of Love").  It's now more than two decades later and Public Enemy is planning to record a new album, that is if the fans can bring the funds.

PE is working with, a site that helps artists raise money from their fans.  SellaBand is tipically used by lesser-known groups, so PE is probably the biggest group on the site to date.  PE's Chuck D likes the the Sellaband concept:  "It starts with fans first, then the artists create from there. The music business is built on searching for fans and this is a brand new way for acts to create a new album with fans first, already on board."

And Chuck D's hoping those fans delivery, to the tune of $250,000. It's a bit hard to grasp why this influential and successful group wants or needs its fans give their own money to fund a new album, but maybe it's another effort by musicians to get a grip on the changing music industry.

-Kristen Callihan
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