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Monday, October 5, 2009

Lady Gaga Redeems Herself From Cancelled “Fame Kills” Tour

Whoever has been badmouthing Lady Gaga these past few days for “mutually deciding” to cancel her “Fame Kills” tour with Kanye West, better shut their mouths. Gaga comes back with a reprisal—as always—to keep her fans happy and her uber-image alive. Not only did Gaga announce her intentions to solo tour, she also made a bomb appearance on Saturday Night Live as a performer and a worthy opponent to Madonna.

This past Saturday night, the two “ladies” let out the claws in a staged catfight on SNL and there were no reservations. Gaga, the star performer on the episode, and Madonna, in town promoting Celebration, shot conceded comments and pulled each other’s hair to make for a very entertaining performance—despite Madonna’s line slip-up in the beginning of the skit. Check out the petite blondes in action below.

Hear Gaga’s new single “Bad Romance” after the jump.

After the skit, Gaga returned to perform “Paparazzi,” and provided the audience with the 2nd curse word of SNL’s season thus far, “shit.” Two episodes in and it seems this season on SNL is going to be full with performers putting their toes over the edge of appropriate. Gaga also debuted her recently leaked single, “Bad Romance,” which no doubt has fans going goo-goo for Gaga. The single is no doubt going to be yet another smash hit. Check it out for yourself.

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga

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