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Friday, October 2, 2009

Lady GaGa And Kanye West Tour Cancelled

Without being too punny, it must be said that the “Fame Kills” tour was no doubt killed by fame—or the collaboration of two music moguls who have fame constantly nipping at their heels and influencing their lives. Announced just yesterday, the tour of epic proportions was cancelled due to, now (sort of) confirmed, creative differences.

It could be that GaGa is on the rise and Kanye is screwing up royally—the most recent being his Taylor Swift Video Music Award debacle. Don’t blame GaGa, she obviously has more than just creative differences with Mr. West. Moral differences perhaps?

Rumors have also been circulating of poor ticket sales most likely linked to the recent anti-Kanye movement. It’s hard to believe that any other reason would lend to previously sold out touring for Kanye and GaGa’s rise as the “next Madonna,” leading to poor ticket sales.

The sort of confirmation of why the “Fame Kills” tour was really cancelled came from GaGa’s choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, and could just be hearsay. However, it seems that the reason Gibson gave is plausible do to the evidence hashed out above. No worries GaGa fans (read: non-Kanye fans) the Lady herself will be going on a solo tour. Let’s hope for blood-dripping stage antics and the ever-popular insane outfits to make up the perfect solo appearance.

Of course this is ALL speculation and gossip at this time. When real proof unveils itself, we’ll update you. And for those of you who purchased tickets, your refund is on the way.

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga

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