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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foo Fighters Newest Single For Greatest Hits Album, "Wheels"

 Move over Madonna, somebody else is feeling “great” enough to release a greatest hits album, and they have new material, too.  The all-too-normal rocker men of The Foo Fighters feel enough time has passed that a release of The Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits would be a humble move—not to say they weren’t always a modest bunch—and their newest single “Wheels” has hit the radio waves. 

The video for “Wheels” has just recently become available for view on MTV. See it here.

In the process of putting together a greatest hits release, the band has prepared a duo of brand new tracks, Butch Vig-produced “Wheels” and “Word Forward,” that will be incorporated on the new album. “Pretender” video producer, Sam Brown, took the reigns behind “Wheels” to create a minimalist approach where the grunge of the rock-n-roll meets over-active fog and light simulators.
However, the video does have a Foo Fighter-ish feeling to it in that it is not overdone and fits the mold of rocking hard on the edge of adult contemporary radio.

Some have considered “Wheels” on the verge of being country in genre. Thankfully, a closer listen assures the fans that Foo Fighters have not crossed over to the cowboy side and are still true rockers—though the newest single is a little bit (for lack of a better word) “light” for a Foo Fighter’s song.

If the Foo Fighters take the same road to release as Madonna, we can hope for a preview of “Word Forward” before the album’s release on November 3.

First revealed last week, here is the Greatest Hits tracklist:
“All My Life”

“Best Of You”


“The Pretender”

“My Hero”

“Learn To Fly”

“Times Like These”

“Big Me”


“Long Road To Ruin”

“This is a Call”

“Skin and Bones”


“Word Forward”

“Everlong (acoustic)”

-Marie Baginski
Currently listening to “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters

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