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Monday, October 5, 2009

A Cure For Your Monday Blues


Its Monday. Blah. It’s been raining all day. Bllaaahhh. But, what if I told you four very attractive men (above) where gracing the second floor of our dear Tasty World on this dreary Monday evening?


What if those four moderately attractive men exuded a sound similar to Death Cab and Sunny Day Real Estate?

Now I’ve gotcha.

Farewell Flight was conceived but a mere four years ago, but a busy four years it’s been. In that time, they’ve squeezed in 20 tours and over 450 shows. The band sheds some light on the past few years via ReverbNation :

“We tour and tour and love our lives and work and hate our lives and tour and tour and raise ourselves from the dead again. And again. We play instruments for people and sometimes for no people, sometimes just a bartender or a sound guy.”

The band hails from Central Pennsylvania. They are all college graduates who have “forsaken” their degrees for “one big shot in the dark.” I think they’ve hit their target pretty well. Take a listen.

These charming brutes are in Athens TONIGHT! Show starts at 10:00pm. Be sure to get there early to see Richard Sherfey and all God’s Children and Middle Distance Runner.

--Ashley Thompson

Currently listening to “Begin Again” by Farewell Flight

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